Friday, 30 October 2015

Don't miss out your chance to meet HAHA in person!

Out from the screen of Running Man to standing right in front of you. Don’t lose the chance of your lifetime to meet HAHA in person, get creative and enter 11street’s Hi HAHA slogan contest!

  • Are you HAHA's biggest fans? Tell 11street how much of a fan you are here. LINK
  • It's time to show how much of a HAHA fan you are here! You might be able to meet him in person. LINK
  • What would you say to HAHA if you get to meet him in person? Better get your script ready. LINK
  • Here's how you can score a chance to meet Haroro in person. LINK
  • Will you be one of the lucky ones who will meeting HAHA from Running Man in person? LINK


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